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  "My mother in law has battled lung cancer." (DoDo)
A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Unemployment, together.
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AkAngela28  "For starters, Im in dire need of a friend or two or more like four LOL  I daily deal with social anxiety, some days more intense than others.  I now realize the majority of my "friends&..."
angelbaby28  "finally came back home last night after putting me mask on and pretending im fine. my dad told my landlord (which i dont like at all) when he asked why i was in hospital (my sister told him when she c..."
angelbaby28  "hate it when this happen i write this whole thing bout how i feel and i go and press the wrong button and its gone.. had very little sleep am tired and irritated, staying with my father which is ..."
angelbaby28  "well i should probably start diarizing again, need despereate and MDJ have always been so good and supporting to me. if i have to start the last 8 weeks emotional rollercoaster, i guess i ..."
hunkydorie  "I keep going over and over inside my head how to handle certain situations regarding my 16 year old daughter. Some decisions are out of my hands and are in the hands of the school regarding courses th..."
Kiwithepanda  "Because of financial issues, I recently returned to my parents house.  For some sort of technicality,I lost my food stamps. I usually do a routine of sending 34 job  applications per day.&nb..."
hunkydorie  "Yesterday I met my new pdoc or at least I think who will be my pdoc. I am so sorry to be losing the one I had. He is closing his practice in about a month. I was totally upfront with this new doc and ..."
hunkydorie  "I often question how other parent(s) handle their teenagers especially in times of crisis. I look at my daughter's friend's and I wonder how they act at home. Are they anymore mature than my o..."
hunkydorie  "Believe me, I have prayed and continue to pray that the Lord helps me to be the mom that He would want me to be. Man, it's so hard. I feel like I am fighting tooth and nail with my daughter that I..."
Kiwithepanda  "Today I was reading over my past journal entries.  I noticed there were a few spelling errors.  It's expected since I'm using a mobile device with an auto spell check feature.  ..."
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