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  "My husband has spina bifida." (fibrowarrior)

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kildare56"To me, MDJ is a sanctuary for people with any health issues. They may be very critical in all eyes or only in your own. Everyone needs support. Here there are no preconditions for getting that help." (kildare56)

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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Unemployment, together.
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"I lost my unemployment benefits in December 2013. It is now march, there isn’t going to be a..."
"Thank you Joy75 that is good advice."
"Hi bipi - I haven't been on this site in a while. Decided to take a look today just to see what's..."
"I'm sorry you were fired from your job. That is a bummer. I don't see why they would say you are doing a..."
"Thank you!"
"We are directly effectid by this government crap! OUr money did not go through last week. When we called..."
"Good for you for working on your graduate degree! I guess you will just have to make it a point to look..."
"Where do you live, because I just don't get that "back in the USSR" vibe where I do. And to some..."
"That's wonderful news! I have my fingers tightly crossed that you enjoy the work, gain satisfaction from..."
"I've been unemployed since 2012 and it is really hard. I had unemployment and barely made it and now I am..."
"Sorry this is a month late - I just joined this group. Unfortunately all I can do is empathize. I have no..."
"This is such wonderful news! I feel that when one person gets a job on here it gives all of us hope. I..."
"What is your disability? I am sorry if that is too forward. I too am trying to getting back into the..."
"He: So I would pay $700 for August and September, and $720 october and there after. Right ? me: Yes,..."
"Hello Skaterdude. I am wondering the same as everyone else. There must be a reason. Perhaps you are afraid..."
"Hey Lovelyone. I am very sorry about your job loss. I was recently let go because I was injured from a car..."
"I think that is sweet but also funny when speaking to people who may not have the money for the $4 generic..."
"It is against the forum policies to have links posted in the forums. There is some room for discretion,..."
"I am sorry, but you cannot put links on this forum. Yes they may be good and not a scam, but they still..."
"So glad to hear that Joy. Best of luck."
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