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  "I was born with occulta spina bifida" (ginarenee330)
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Latest Trigeminal Neuralgia Diaries
AKParham  "I woke up this morning with my back pain, as always, on the right side from my lumbar puncture on 2/3/11. As I was eating breakfast, I noticed I was having almost the same kind of pain on my LEFT side"
AKParham  "So, continuing last entry (which was accidentally cut short by me not knowing what I'm doing yet)...I have PHN in my facial nerves, and sometimes cranial nerves, except my lips. I started"
AKParham  "Where to start? Hi, I'm Kelly, and I'm in chronic pain (group says, "Hi, Kelly"). It started in November 2009, before Thanksgiving, when random joints would hurt. It got so bad that"
Felidae "This year has gotten started pretty slow.   I quit working out over chrismas break.  I've been smoking daily and escaping from life in my studio apt with the help of beer, TV, and v..."
bobbyjanson "I am sure that many of you have doctors that you just love. I know that I do. Dr. Richard Muench, has been a lifesaver to me. Tomorrow I will have an epidural from him and I hope that it will"
bobbyjanson "I was at my Florida home and the date was September 14, 2009. However about 45 days earlier I fell out of a chair at work that slammed my head on the floor. It is believed that this is the cause howev..."
Merkaba  "Well it's been some time since I've even visited this site now, just got so busy with quitting the horrible, yet blessed job that supported me for so long, plus moving in with some roommate"
mowse  "I am getting greenish discharge from urethra, been on several antibiotics but still taking place. no pain when urinating but do have frequent urinating. I get nasty pain in kidney area too, have histo..."
littlebopeep1  "I am posting this today, because I am a parent whose child has been bullied by 4 other kids...and I am getting concerned, about this issue....I have gone too the school district and I has spoken"
Noble  "We decided to try the Methadone as a last chance for my PHN to settle down. I can sleep and feel better. Still can't go out, but this seems to work .If anyone out there is trying.... "
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