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  "I am mentally disabled and my son has autism" (bwmung)

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anamore"MDJ has saved my life, I was a recoverying addict, feeling so alone and helpless, then I found MDJ. Sharing my story w/ others and getting support and comfort has made me a stronger person. Being able to help someone who is all alone and in so much pain is so rewarding
I have met some great ppl that have had a strong influence on my life. MDJ gave me my life back..
" (anamore)

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"Hello, my name is Gabrielle, I'm eighteen, and I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis in late March...."
"I know how you feel I thought I was going to die before they found out what was wrong with me. My TSH was..."
"Welcome glad u found us!! When u r ready tell us a little about your self"
"Sorry for your health. If I was you, go for surgery. I also had a nodule that turned into 3 of them. They..."
":-( I have hashimoto's and have been on armour for a couple of years. My TSH on that is 0.02 (suppressed)..."
"Hello Im new here. and I cant to hekp and read your story. I to have a nodule on my right lobe. at first..."
"hello to everyone. I am new to this group and been having a variety of issues for years; fatigue and head..."
"I cant seem to find the answer and my doctor wont give me a straight answer. I have read though that if..."
"Hello, I have some questions that I cant seem to get any answers to and dont see the endo until the 21st...."
"I have mutiple nodules. They had me get a needle biopsy done. They said the results didn't show cancer..."
"Hi Guys, Doing Google search i came across this site there i found lot of men dealing with..."
"whose awake!! Was wondering if anyone takes Armour thyroid meds...."
"thank you wanda. that is most kind of you. good luck to you -- i know all about having tests --..."
"a good friend of mine had postpartum hypothryoidism. it went away eventually but returned many years..."
"please take the time to go back to the doctor and get your thyroid re-tested again. you need to take..."
"my best recommendation is to do LOTS of web searches and read read read! knowledge is power. when i..."
"i have been using a calendula salve for my rash, in addition to hydrocortisone cream. after my body..."
"I'm glad that I finally got some answers to my inflammation and pain issues, I just wish it wouldn't have..."
"Hello there! I am new to this forum and I am a 40 year old woman living in Norway. I have been..."
"Hi, I have a similar situation. But you didnt mention if you were on thyroid meds in the attempt to shrink..."
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