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  "My son was diagnoised with pilocytic astrocytoma" (socworkerang)

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nona7"MDJ is a place I can get advice, share my fears and concerns, Share my personal story, and make friends with people who truly understand where I'm coming from.
When I was first diagnosed with CHF I was so scared the people in the Chf support group helped me through a very bad time.
I am now also a member of PAH and MVP groups.
Thanks to MDJ I can talk to people who truly understand!
" (nona7)

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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Thrombocytopenic Purpura, together.
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"Blessed be to everyone, haven't post lately trying to get better @ that. Wanted to know how everyone is..."
"Good Morning. Sometime we don't know what the Lord has in store for us each day. We all make mistakes for..."
"Hello buster225 I'm glad you have made it this far Congrads."
"honey I ended up with colitis I have an ulcer but that was before TTP and was not a problem. But that..."
"Hey Judy, I hope you are doing better. Day to day activities can be hard at times. I am very fortunate..."
"Try to walk alittle everyday--if you can't, I use to sit in the recliner and lift my legs and arms while..."
"Hello I am a TTP/HUS surivor----been in remission for 3 years--still have a few "brain fog" days..."
"Hey Lisa, It sounds like you are doing better. I hope so. You are an inspiration to all of us. Take care..."
"TXJanet I'm so sorry your going through all of this. My prayers go out to you. Some of this doctors..."
"I have been having a rough month. I'm sorry I haven't been on here in a while. I have been going through..."
"The dark moment the caterpiller calls the end of the world , is the sun filled moment the butterfly calls..."
"Hello All, I have been in remission since May 2008--- yes it does get better! I still have a few..."
"It's amazing what TTP does to our bodies and minds. My problems are arthritis in my tail born, nerve..."
"Thank you for letting me know about your hubby, it certainly gives me reason to hope. She started..."
"well I talk to my representative and we are appealing so this time I will go in front of a judge. It may..."
"TXJANET; Once I was out of the hospital and I was being winged off of the steriods (predisone)thing go..."
"Hi - it's me again... I got many PMs from members asking to upload their own videos. At this point we..."
"Hi all; The is a rally that is coming up for TTPer's. Please go to this website and check out the..."
"Hi all; My emotions are getting better. I got great News today. My second blood test for Hepatitis C..."
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