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  "I wear this ribbon for chronic fatigue syndrome from Guillain Barre' Syndrome" (Brenni)

MDJunction to me

jayna01"My name is Jayna and I wanted to take this opportunity to say how much MDJunction has meant to me. I always felt so alone before I joined in April of 2012. I felt like there wasn't anyone that really cared about me and what I was going through. I felt like there was no one that would truly listen to me in what I was feeling. Nobody was there for me. That is before I found MDJ!

I have found and met such good people on these forums. I never ever knew there were such compassionate people before MDJ. It's also nice to know that I can come here anytime and get support for what I am feeling. I feel like I have met some wonderful life long friends. It is also an outlet for me to try and help other people that are hurting. It gives me a good feeling inside and gives me self confidence in helping other people.

I hope MDJ will be as good for you as it has been for me! Many Blessings and Much love.
" (jayna01)

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The Effects of Smoking During Pregnancy
A controversial study claims smoking during pregnancy can influence the child’s sexuality. The Doctors weigh in on how a mother’s behavior during pregnancy can affect the child’s development.
by: TheDoctors3:26 minutes
It's becoming more and more popular in America to smoke hookah. It's commonly thought that it's much safer than smoking cigarettes, but is there any truth to this? Trace shatters your misconceptions about the safety of smoking out of a water pipe on this episode of D...
by: DNews
CVS announced Wednesday that it will stop selling cigarettes and other tobacco products at its CVS/pharmacy stores October 1 of this year.
by: FOX59
Thanks to electronic cigarettes, it may now be easier to get away with smoking on an airplane than with using a cell phone. Jen Wieczner reports on Lunch Break.
by: WSJLive
The Doctors discuss new anti-smoking ads that target people’s sentimental feelings to encourage them to quit smoking, and compare their effectiveness to the popular grotesque images of the health effects of smoking.
by: TheDoctors
For people in the process of quitting smoking, social situations can be really tough. Robin Miller, MD, talks in this video about simple measures to take to fight nicotine cravings and avoid setbacks.
by: Sharecare
Can nicotine gum, micro tablets or lozenges help you to quit smoking? Watch our short video to learn about three of these non-prescription methods.
by: StreamingWell
A new U.S. Surgeon General report on smoking is released today - linking tobacco usage to adult-onset diabetes, age-related mascular degeneration, colon cancer and other health problems. Erika Edwards reports.
by: NBCHealth
Weight lifting can double your odds of quitting smoking successfully. Fitness expert Vonda Wright, MD, explains how lifting weights helps you cope with stress and nicotine withdrawals.
by: Sharecare
The West Clermont School District has banned E-cigarettes in an effort to prevent students from smoking.
by: WLWT
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