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  "Several people that I love have passed away from cancer." (ToTo55)

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DanikaT"Being part of MDJunction and more specifically the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support forum has been a gift to my life. When I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I needed to talk and share with people that understood. I was restricted in mobility so it was impossible to find support outside of my home. I was able to receive understanding and non-judgemental support from my bed through the Internet! Although my family and friends were amazing, being a member of MDJunction was my lifeline. It meant that I was understood and cared about and in turn it meant less risk of burnout for my friends and family. I am honored to now be the group leader of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support forum and continue to be supported and learn more everyday that I log in.
Danika :-)
" (DanikaT)

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