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  "I wear this because I was diagnosed with HSV-1. I want to show my support to oth..." (idiosyncratc)
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roy  "A lot of people ask me if/how they can help MDJunction grow and help more people.Well… we do need your help! Bellow is a small list of things I thought"
roy  " Its been a long long time since I last posted here. I guess Alon keeps you guys updated and I have nothing really smart to say ;-) "
tripod1216  "so our internet got shut off so i aint on as much only wen im some where else my sisters birthday was last friday and were celebrateing it today my family is probably moveing out of the county so im m..."
Alon  "Hello everyone,Since a lot of you asked for it, I would like to introduce the new "Group Diaries" page that was added to your support group menu (can be found between"
Alon  "Congratulations, I have started my diary which I will use to tell about new features and surprises that are added to MDJunction.Before I get started - I love feedback. I need need feedback. "
tripod1216  "my mom went back down state again for more appts. before her surgerys since i wrote last i found out that somebody who i thought was my best friend really isnt the funny thing about it is it does even"
tripod1216  "so i guess every thing has its ups and downs life is getting a little better but i still have my downs ive gotton to spend more time with my family which is good but my mom is haveing trouble with "
tripod1216  "so i havent wrote in a wile but i have had a lot of fun.... we went to a lot of x-mas partys and spent a lot of time with the family... on new years eve i baby sat these two cute little kids.... ..."
tripod1216  "so today is christmas and im at my grammys my uncle mikey is going to help me set up my mp3 that i got for my birthday and we had a big dinner and opened up presents its preaty fun and ive been doing "
tripod1216  "so i had my birthday on sunday and at first it was really sucky but then it turned out to be really fun one of my best friends came out to celebrate with me so still doin good and still standing stron..."
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