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  "because I have diabetic blindness and oseoporosis" (honey2009)
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Latest Sjogren's Syndrome Diaries
Buckchaser57  "     Life for me is a living hell cause there things that I want to do but ; can't there are people and place that I want to visit but can't due to money an other"
Buckchaser57  "     Today a very close friend of mine; suffered a stork while driving on the job. Now this friend of mine is like a big brother to me even though he's in his seventies"
conker  "When did we find that coming up for air was a thing we could forgo? In the thin acid days of the last ten months this talent has been"
Buckchaser57  "    Time does heal all things if given time; the reason I say this that for me there have been those very close to me; I have had nothing to do with for yrs. There hasn't "
MsK  "Happy Easter!  I've had two really good days! Yesterday while I was cooking, (mind you I felt good and had energy to cook), I turned on the stove, got immediately overheated and nearly sick. ..."
conker  "I just put the sheets in the washer, the second wash for them, left on the line in a bonfire. Burning the first box of my late husband's papers and like magic in my inbox, an email from my sister"
MsK  "Things going better.  This explains the love part of the love / hate relationship with Prednisone.  I feel bloated  and  hungry but at the same time, not much pain.  Back down"
Buckchaser57  "     Today I visited my new doctor an I was told that they don't know why I visited them today. First of all let me put it this way I was told to see this doctor for "
Buckchaser57  "     Today I am back home it's been a hard road all up hill but I am back; I wasn't able to contact anyone. My Sjogren's had me bent over a barrel all month long that"
MsK  "Hello, anyone up?---prednisone not getting  to the problem tonight but... Never the less, I'm in a good mood.  Probably slap happy from not sleeping!  I won't think this is funn..."
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