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Latest Sex Addiction Diaries
delect69  "Last night I went to bed without any pain. My body was flooded with endorphins after a masturbating session. Sex works wonders for short term pain relief. At the time it was awesome. But, like all goo..."
lken  "i feel we have been conditioned so , we feel we have to own another person in a relationship... why?  we are individual people.   having to watch your partner so they do not stray is wrong.&..."
delect69  "I woke up in a pool of pee this morning... was it leakage or did I cum in my sleep. The latter I hope. I went to sleep so charged last night...."
Purpleangelp  "I love I have a diary here that I can write in and only people on m.j can see. I feel so lonely. I don't have anyone that I can talk to. The way I want to talk. I just want to let it all out. I..."
lken  "well i just came back from a long trailering trip,  it was ok, i just wish weather was warmer. went to Arizonia, from texas.  lots of dead and lonely places in between.  lots of rocks a..."
LadyRayn ""There are only three things women need in life: food, water, and compliments." - Chris Rock quote."
Bewilly69  "I went to my out patient rehab today and gained a lil clarity or relief maybe. I already know everything that is wrong and it's so much of a compiled bunch of shit, I feel like I'm forced to g..."
Bewilly69  "Well, after joining a million groups for all kinds of issues I have....I'm really worried about saying no to the devil knocking at my door everyday. It seems that nothing makes me want to quit and..."
AgGhost1 "Some family news came out this Christmas. I was talking with my older sister & somehow it came out that I have a half brother & half sister that have been hidden from us since our births. I th..."
LadyRayn "Interesting Read: Your Thoughts! "
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