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  "i have battled with self injury for a long time and am on the road of recovery" (catherineekeith1000)

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eeyoreislife"Before I became a member of mdj, I was completely isolated. I was dealing with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic pain, agoraphobia, spousal abuse and a child with special needs. I only joined one group at first and was overwhelmed day one with the outpouring of support from members I now consider good friends. I eventually branched out to other support groups I felt would help me. That is the second best part of mdj...that there is a support group for pretty much everything and if you can't find it you are welcome to start one! But the number one reason I love mdj has to be the members. No matter what group I am in, I am enveloped in a caring, understanding and non judgemental cyber hug from the members." (eeyoreislife)

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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Separation & Divorce, together.
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