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Latest Sensory Processing Disorder Diaries
boosmommy  "Dean Diary, Since I  have found this site the members and leaders have been awesome. I dont feel as lost as I Did or overwhelmed. All the support, advice and suggestions that I get on a daily bas..."
jstsIm  "I'm struggling thru the Holidays...Considering leaving MDJ.  Nothing going on really, just busy and trying to find my footing on this new path I'm on...I hope everyone has a Great Christm..."
boosmommy  "Dear Diary, Since I have found out about boo-boo's autism I just haven't been myself. I am very depressed and exhausted, and  feel alone. At times I sit there and stare at him and wonder ..."
ponyo11t  "They don't care.  They don't listen.  Why?  Why don't they care?  What's wrong with them?  What's wrong with me?!  How could this happen?  Why"
Aura09  "I am feeling so very depressed, very overwelmed with lifepowerless, feeling so very alone :( so very misunderstood , the thoughts of cutting are very frequentley on my mind, want to cut the "
change4better  "Now I'm 30 I'm 216 it's been 3 years working out eating right I just want to be under 200 in the next 3 months in 2013 I want to be in the 190s I workout everyday come on god help me bust "
flufferly  "It's 10-16-12.  I've been going to 12-step meetings for 5 days now.  I am just showing up, and then letting God worry about what happens after that.  I'm getting so much "
flufferly  "Hi everybody.  Everyone is so nice on here.  Sorry I am sporadic with getting on here.  I have been really busy and wrapped up in stuff.  I got a new therapist a couple weeks ago"
flufferly  "My current therapist is nice, but she has no idea what to say to me.  This has been my experience of her for the whole 6 years I've been seeing her.  If you took any nice lay person off "
jstsIm  "I picture a physical "vessel" inside of me. One that almost fills my torso...Over time that vessel has filled with all the emotions I was told to stiffle, all of the fear and anger that I wa..."
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