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  "Although I have not been diagnosed with carcinoid syndrome, I had a rectal carci..." (scrapdaisy69)

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saralaurie"In the 3 months I have been with MDJunction I have developed a sense of calmness. I now friends who do not judge me because I have been a mental mess at times. It is such a good feeling to have friends I can tell my deepest thoughts and always get back to me with their support. I have never seen a therapist for long periods of time. Right or wrong, this is the best therapy possible for me. Thanks Roy for getting this up and running and making such a difference in my life. Sara" (saralaurie)

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"Hi Eva and IDNK. Just thought I'd stop by to say hello. The last time I wrote I mentioned that I would..."
by Cthebird

in Seizure General & Support - 18 hours ago
"Hi Lou....Glad that the Topomax is helping you. I haven't had a seizure or migraine in over a..."
"She is no longer having them thank goodness. The EEG showed activity which is why they put her under...."
by kimmy8888

in Seizure General & Support - 5 days ago
"However, since things have changed a lot for me I thought I would tell you all. Back in January I..."
by epihombre

in Seizure General & Support - 25 days ago
"Hi Cheechee....Welcome to this great support site. I'm so sorry your going thru all of this, they must be..."
by mumeva

in Seizure General & Support - 27 days ago
"Hi Cindy.....Just know you can always come here to vent, we will always listen or you can always send any..."
by mumeva

in Seizure General & Support - 27 days ago
"Hey guys! I am in the process of working on a book that is a fictional story from the perspective of..."
"Hi Meip....I am so sorry your going through this, are you seeing a Neurologist? If not, I would try to..."
"Yes, I have been stressed."
"kmomma, I am very interested in your post. It made me think that though I do track my periods and moods,..."
"Hi Eva. The epileptologist said it would be done in 2-3 months. Someone from the office will call me 1..."
"I was actually hospitalized when I had my 3 day EEG. In a room with a video camera and someone had to be..."
"IDNK....Love this...Happy New Year!! Eva"
"IDNK....This is beautiful....I pray that you had a Merry Christmas and praying for a Happy, Healthy New..."
"Purple....Stress can cause all sorts of problems. When I am stressed my Lupus flares big time and doesn't..."
"Hi. I am on Lithium for bipolar disorder and also have epilepsy. There are various types of seizures and..."
"Well, today I had about 30 mins of double vision. I was at the beach and had been laying down on a towel...."
"I had the EEG done and it showed exactly where my seizures were coming from, it also showed that I was..."
"Belinda....Let us know if this new medication is helping you, I sure pray it does. Eva"
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