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  "I suffer from infertility and know many who have miscarried" (mrsbird)

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Dit"I've been a grateful member here for over 4 yrs this place has changed my life of course for the better, coming to the groups has enabled me to no longer feel so alone. As a group leader for the Bipolar Support group I can relate to others and am expressing my experience strength and hope and this is very rewarding, I've also made many supportive friends here whom I talk to some daily. I used to have a lot of 'lows' since becoming member here at MdJunction I no longer have these lows." (Dit)

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A New Gel Could Treat Rosacea
Thousands of Americans struggle with facial redness and the wintertime can make it even more difficult. Britney Glaser reports on a new medication that was recently approved by the FDA to help treat Rosacea.
by: NBCHealth2:8 minutes
Style guru Tim Gunn asks the Doctors: “What do you do with a 60-year-old who still has teenage acne?” Hear plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon’s recommendations for Tim’s skin.
by: TheDoctors
Enid, 61, tweets: Can people with rosacea have cosmetic treatments like fillers, Botox or laser resurfacing? Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon has the answer!
by: TheDoctors
Bacteria from tiny mites that live on human skin might be the cause of rosacea.
by: NBCHealth
You've probably seen the ad which states, "rosacea means red". But what is rosacea really? And can it be as dramatic as the effects seen on WC Fields? In this episode on Rosacea, Dr. Schultz shares and introduction to the condition and dispels some rosacea myths.
by: DermTV
Learn to care for rosacea with these tips on controlling the condition and soothing discomfort.
by: Howcast
About 16 million Americans suffer from rosacea, while many others suffer from different forms of sensitivity and redness of their skin. That's why we sat down with Jacqueline Flam from Avène to learn more about the brand's two newest products that soothe symptoms ca...
by: NewBeauty Magazine
More than 16 million Americans have the skin condition known as rosacea. Now there’s a new cream that could help many of those people get a better handle on the facial redness that characterizes this all too common skin condition.
by: Ivanhoe
Dorothy Mosley thought she had a blushing problem and often shied away from photos because she was embarrassed by her red face. After learning she had Rosacea, she sought out "pulse light" treatments, which decreased her facial redness and allowed her to
by: Ivanhoe
Rosacea affects more than 15 million people worldwide. The Doctors and Everyday Health explain the causes of this condition and what signs to look out for.
by: TheDoctors
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