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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, together.
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Latest Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Diaries
savvy  "The Latest from the Docs"
savvy  "Well, last week my new doctor told me I would be feeling wonderful by the end of the week.....and if I still felt like shit by next week to call her. I've been sleeping constantly since then, when"
savvy  "I'm still so damn tired and every muscle in my body just aches from the top of my head muscles to the tip of my big toes....yes quite literally! I have also discovered that I should never"
savvy  "These last few days have just plain sucked. I feel so yucky. I just want to live my life, is that too much to ask? I am so sick and tired of feeling so sick and so damn tired. I have a party to go "
savvy  "Apparently....................I've been pushing it. I went totally "Lymie" last night. I have been trying to take advantage of having lots of good days in a row, getting lots of yard "
savvy  "I wrote this the other day on the parenting of teens support group and it was so long I didn't get hardly any replies. I think a few people glanced at it and went, holy! Oh well....."
savvy  "I probably should have just put this on here(I'm still learning, gimme a break), but I put this on a thread in the lyme group as well as my myspace blog for all the world to see my morning whine t..."
roy  "Hi Everyone,A few quick notes.First I'd like to tell you, that as you probably noticed the community continues to grow very fast. We have more than 300,000 monthly visitors"
Lilbittyankee  "Hi, I'm 17 years old. I've have this desiese for about 8 months now. I kept feeling sick, and having other infections, such as, bladder, bacteria, kidney, ext. I kept wanting to go to the doct..."
roy  "A lot of people ask me if/how they can help MDJunction grow and help more people.Well… we do need your help! Bellow is a small list of things I thought"
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