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  "My mother passed away from cancer. It started with breast cancer." (Cha78)
A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Rickets and osteomalacia, together.
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Latest Rickets and Osteomalacia Diaries
mowse  "wanted to let you all know i'm here and handling things alittle better than nefore. God is showing me the way..preparing for 2 surgical procedures coming up, dealing with grandson acting out "
mowse  "I am home now. my grandson is out with his coach's family, Dan's at a Yankee games so its just me and Skyler my puppy. i feel lonely right now but its just something i have to get use to. I"
mowse  "They're trying to tel me that my hubby left me for a girl 16 yrs younger with 2 little kids because he couldn't deal with me being sick. he walked out on our family 3/6/10 and left me the resp..."
roy  "Hi everyone ;-)It’s been a long long time since I last updated my diary. Too long, I guess I’m nearly failing :?In about 10 days we will have some very exciting"
mowse  "I lay down in my bed because the pain in my head was unbearable. My eyes hurt and burn at  the same time..Breathing was difficult, the base of my neck/head area felt as if it was swollen and I"
mowse  "I am in awe of myself right now..I am watching from with in as i grow and learn and understand my journey even more. Through the sadness and hurt I feel a strength thats even stronger than I could "
mowse  "Just after boyscout my hubby cae to me and agreed to leave the home so he would not stress me anymore. all of you who have followed my diary entries know the story. he agreed to leave out of the blue"
mowse  "Today I found out all  my bloodwork came out just fine.The lupus is in remission.However the fibromyalgia is running amuck..the pain is ridiculous..but its also a more severe pain along with it"
mowse  "Some of you know my journey this for those that are new..your story may not be that different from mine..ur not loosing ur mind please don't be afraid to tell it..i was, at times i still am, but"
mowse  "I want to say I am still here, in need of major PRAYERS. So much going on. Not depressed though. I am struggling to stay above water but i'm doggy paddling my way to success.wanted to let"
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