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  "To support people with STD and HPV." (happy4life)

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zooker"Hey I'm zooker,

I'm a single father of two, a survivor of sexual abuse, bipolar, PTSD and severe back pain from car accidents.

My goal on this forum will be to help the people that reach out, lend an ear when needed and offer my life experiences as advice. I have loved, I have lost and I am still here.

My abuse was between the age of 9 and 13 and my abuser was close to our family, a lot of people would say that she was teaching me life skills but after years of fighting with the trauma I have learned that I am here for a reason and trying to help others find they way is the best treatment I got.

When I was diagnosed (officially) with bipolar I started to research and found MDJunction and it's helped me a lot. I am on that forum every day and will devote more time to this one and try to get people the help they need.

Feel free to ask me a question on the site or through PM and I will be as open and honest as I possibly can.

Remember that you are not what the abuser made are stronger than that so stand up and take what is yours.

yours truly,

" (zooker)

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