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  "My parents lost a child, a daughter, soon after her birth nearly 70 years ago, t..." (kmv1208)
A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Restless Leg Syndrome, together.
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Latest Restless Leg Syndrome Diaries
WaterRabbit  "Profuse sweating even stopped after the impar (tailbone) block! I could sit normally without ANY pain when I   returned home! They kept me on my fentanyl patches, which kept the overall, joi..."
WaterRabbit  "sorry, typing on a cell phone is difficult, as this site doesnt seen very Android-friendly... so typos, etc. will be a part of this unfortunaetely. back to what I was saying... Z-Pak seems t..."
WaterRabbit  "Was sweating profusely all weekend, aching pain so that moving at all wasn't an option. Spent all weekend in bed in pain, hot d cold sweats. I was on a Z-Pak not long ago which helped some  y..."
WaterRabbit  "See post to Alpha-1 Antitrypsin deficiency group. Tried to copy-past, but wouldn't allow me to. May not be able to do so from Android? "
Zahc  ""Half Drugged-up, And Yet...Not Half Drugged-up Enough" 10/07/13To my very, very dearest friends, and always loyal readers, finally had to happen, I guess.It took almost twelve..."
FibroCFS  "I am not a doctor nor do I work in the medical field.  This is just my personal experience with this drug.  Do not take my diary or anything I post as medical advice.  Always refer to y..."
Zahc  ""And Then I Fall"09/25/13To my very dearest friends, and ever-loyal readers,I think it is just before midnight, and a pained and headached  glance back to the clock in the kitchen reass..."
Zahc  ""Depressed? Alone? In Pain? Please Allow Me To Offer You Some Innocent Diversion"  09/22/13 To my most enduring and wonderful friends, and ever-kind and loyal readers, Toda..."
susan51659  "been off line for a couple of weeks. Ive been feeling terrible. I am working fulltime while trying to deal with fibro and sjogrens and CFS. i get home and collapse on the couch...exhausted. Saw my doc..."
Zahc  "09/11/13To my dear, dear friends, and ever-constant, loyal readers,"A Prayer For The Computer Age"Now I lay me down to textmy prayers to, ‘U', I pray You not be vexed.But rather wi..."
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