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Latest Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Diaries
MellissaRose  "I woke up doing a bit better than yesterday so that is good. The pain down the back of my knee takes my breathe away some times. There is some pain above the knee and on the inside & outside of th..."
MellissaRose  "Last Monday we left for FL. The trip to FL was quite awful. It required a 3-hour car ride to the airport, then waiting 2 hours at the airport before boarding for a 3-hour flight. Then we had another h..."
MellissaRose  "I slept. I am so thankful. I was having a really tough week & weekend. Last night I had an Ambien. I had five Percocet yesterday. I went to bed around 10pm and then woke up at 2am in pain. I ..."
MellissaRose  "The Ambien is wearing off earlier and earlier. Fell asleep at 10am. Then I was up for about two hours at 3am in pain. I am (so far) refusing to take a Percocet that early in the day. I kind of lay the..."
MellissaRose  "Last night was rough. This morning was rough. I did sleep in between that and I am so thankful to be asleep and not feel the pain.  I was up at 4am. I stayed in bed until 6:30am and I finall..."
MellissaRose  "Today was a bad day. I listed about 5 items on ebay. I usually can list about 50 a day. But, five is more than none.  I am on #5 for Percocet today. Which is the most I've ever taken. Th..."
MellissaRose  "Yesterday my knee wasn't that bad. I was so thankful! I had three Percoset the entire day. I still limp badly and I think about that stupid knee constantly. But the pain was around  a 4-6 ins..."
MellissaRose  "The last day of the year! I had five Percocet today. I really thought I would get away with four and I almost did. However, I just took another. I probably could have went to bed early but I decided t..."
MellissaRose  "Today the pain clinic called. I have an appointment the third week of January. I am so glad my doctor personally called. Today was mostly spent in bed...again. I think the pain is getting worse. I had..."
CRPSFoe23  "Today I have been anxious about tomorrow's spinal cord stimulator procedure. I have a peace about it, as far as if it will work, but I am anxious to see the initial pain or feeling. As ironic as i..."
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