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  "For my son Ridley Ellis, who fought bravely for 17 days. I carried him for 9 mo..." (tnunn)
A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Post Traumatic Stress, together.
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canihelpyou  "Well you wouldn't guess ! I've been fasting dating. So now that I've gone about a month without a date, I really am starting to feel my feelings. It's like I used men to cover up my pa..."
scooby64  "When I was depressed, I went to my therapist with it.  He used to joke that he had a PhD in depression!  He listened to me talk about how low I felt, and then he said,  "Hey, why d..."
scooby64  "In 2006, I was homeless, just out of the Recovery Center of Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula and attending AA meetings at the fellowship hall.  I met a man, a writer, who called himse..."
angelite80  "It's been a while now but I remember the moment my eyes were opened, perhaps for the first honest time, to the fact that our thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on our health and not just o..."
scooby64  "Hi Sweetie,It is so good to get your message; you can't imagine how warm I feel when I read your notes.Facebook is a pasttime for lots of people and I hate to tell people I'm just not into gam..."
angelite80  "A question I get asked a lot, and a question that I see in general, is this: Can I change? I think most everyone knows that the answer to that question is yes and yet still so few people actually know..."
canihelpyou  "This guy that has met me from an online dating site says he wants to get married. He claims to be christian, and have a five bedroom house. I seen his facebook, and it shows the same. So I'm not s..."
Zahc  ""Beyond Panic. Past Fear. To Unutterable Terror"03/13/14As always, to my dearest friends, and ever-constant and loyal readers,(I must first make the disclaimer that I am not a therapist, n..."
Euripides  "The lack of an alternative to life. Curiosity. Stubbornness. People. People who I haven't met yet. Moments. Chance meetings. Hope. Turning the knobs on my little radio every which way from one kin..."
angelite80  "While I'm aiming these at ways to reduce anxiety and stress, these are just all around great tools for helping to keep the mind in the "now" and to be more mindful during the day.  ..."
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