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  "I suffer from panic attacks" (CarmenLove19)
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scooby64  "My first diagnosis was depression (attempted to end it all in 1973), but I did not get the bipolar diagnosis until 1985.  My first shrink helped me rebuild my shattered ego and get a grip, and he..."
scooby64  "Here is exactly what you should do: follow your heart and intuition. I can see where if you do this and it is wrong, you will end up with blame baggage of your own. He is in a recovery mode and how lo..."
scooby64  "Whew, one chapter closed on that one. What's next? My brother was in the Navy (prolly not in as dangerous situation as you were) and he worked under Admiral Rickover. Whoa, he was something else. ..."
scooby64  "Quitting cold turkey may be a character-bjuilding experience. All I know is that I had the same mindset when I withdrew from Tegretol back in the 80's. If it wasn't for the presence of my best..."
scooby64  "Why is it I read a post like yours and I think it could be written by me? We are both going through a period of intense aloneness, and I could take more medication and sleep my way through it - that i..."
irisgardens  ""Healing the Addicted Brain," by Harold C. Ursechel,III, M.D."
irisgardens  "Daughter who uses with and is addicted to user/dealer boyfriendIt's hard to separate a couple of addicts, HOWEVER, you watch for when they do and pounce. Re-pounce as it were. Hugs to you and toge..."
canihelpyou  "I'm not going to church. Ive spent a lot this month, and my mom has no cash on her for my gas. I'm not very good at budgeting, I admit it. I don't know, I will just try harder. I will have..."
mss1991  "A lot has happened since August. The worst of it, I was kicked out twice in the last two months and both times I did nothing wrong and was told so. I got dropped from school the other day cause I'..."
irisgardens  "I just wrote this on a post and then decided that it was good for my diary...which I have trouble remembering to post to.  It is unedited...and includes site names for the person posted to who he..."
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