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roy  "Happy spring everyone!It seems I have totally neglected writing in my diary lately, I do hope to write more now - let it be my spring resolution ;-)As opposed to my diary... a lot of work was put into..."
roy  "Hello friendsIt’s time for autumn updates.The first thing you probably noticed is that the left pane is on the left again!You guys voted & although it was close, the"
roy  "Happy days on MDJ... The green logo you guys chose dictated the rest but we tried to keep as many elements the same or similar. I really hope you like it!!It looks to us as everything is working"
roy  " I’d like to apologize to the many people whom I didn’t answer the past few days… as you can see I had a very good reason… ;-)"
roy  " 77% of the votes!!...not a big surprise to anyone who read some of"
roy  " Hello Fellow members! I’ll keep this short and Sweet… It’s time to give MDJ a little face lift & we want"
roy  " Hi Everyone, I hope this finds YOU in good health & spirit! Today we launched a few upgrades that, as always, were requested by your fellow members and are all improvements of your "
roy  "My Dear MDJ Family ;-) Once again it looks like i'm falling behind on my diary updates. almost 3 months since the last one.... :? BUT at least I bring good news... starting now"
roy  " Hello my friends ;-) I hope"
roy  " UPDATE:  as of August 2012 we no longer support the MDJ toolbar and we recommend uninstalling it.   Exciting day !I am very happy to announce the launch of the MDJunction Communi..."
roy  "Hi everyone ;-)It’s been a long long time since I last updated my diary. Too long, I guess I’m nearly failing :?In about 10 days we will have some very exciting"
crosby "the other day I was managing the emotional fallout of a missed opportunity with my sunallergy by visiting my tinnitus group here at MDJ.  from there I was led to a funny thought about my info pro..."
roy  "Hello MDJunction family!So many things I want to talk to you all about… ;-)I'll start with a BIG thank you to all our advocates"
roy  " Good day my friends ;-) Unbelievable! It’s mid November 2009. I just can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years since Y2K and believing"
roy  " Hello my friends ;-)I love summer. That big yellow thing in the sky just makes me automatically"
roy  " Hello friends, It's been three months since my last diary post. I'm really not living up to my promises here... As you guys probably notice MDJunction is getting bigger"
roy  "Happy Holiday Season My Friends! I hope you all got used to the new look by now and enjoy the better navigation between pages, more navigation improvements are in the oven. The "
roy  " Hello Hello Hello, Weeeeeeeeeee  Weeeeeeeeeee Weeeeeeeeeee   ;-) As you can probably see…… we&#"
roy  "Hello Hello!A couple of weeks ago I spoke with some of you about spreading the word on MDJunction. I was shocked when I realized so many are already doing great things and WOOOW the ideas I "
roy  "Hi Everyone,A few quick notes.First I'd like to tell you, that as you probably noticed the community continues to grow very fast. We have more than 300,000 monthly visitors"
roy  "A lot of people ask me if/how they can help MDJunction grow and help more people.Well… we do need your help! Bellow is a small list of things I thought"
roy  " Its been a long long time since I last posted here. I guess Alon keeps you guys updated and I have nothing really smart to say ;-) "
Alon  "Hello everyone,Since a lot of you asked for it, I would like to introduce the new "Group Diaries" page that was added to your support group menu (can be found between"
Alon  "Congratulations, I have started my diary which I will use to tell about new features and surprises that are added to MDJunction.Before I get started - I love feedback. I need need feedback. "
roy  "Over the last couple of weeks we had a few ‘incidents’ (in different support groups) in which people were offended by posts of other members and group leaders.   "
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