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  "because i have panic attacks, need some friend's to help me get though them.." (staceyn)
A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Parents of Bipolar Children, together.
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Melaphant  "I managed to get through the holidays in a fairly buoyant manner. Now I am sinking. I just want to cry. I'm beginning to feel hopeless and sad. About everything. The self pity bus. It goes barreli..."
damselndistress "With all the struggles I've been through everything always works out.I have been through so much worry. So many situations and uncertainty and everything always resolves. For that I am thankful.Fa..."
damselndistress "Anyone have an idea where I might locate some?  Have very few foods I can eat and I had been wanting to try venison for a while. My husband's friend got a deer and I asked for a piece and I w..."
YamahaGal  "Saw the foot specialist yesterday. Was so thankful they squeezed me in to the schedule.  No surgery needed!  I am in a walking cast and physical therapy for the next four to six weeks.  ..."
hypnagogic  "Yesterday I was mad, bitter, and downright in anger.  I sit and watch, helplessly as my daughter does what she does.  The aftermath sucks.  I go numb, into crisis mode.  I hate liv..."
hypnagogic  "It's fighting to get outside of me.Almost crushing every hope of success.I wince, I twinge, my anxiety skyrockets high.Sometimes I win and sometimes I feel like I've lost.There are days I'..."
YamahaGal  "I tripped and fell down our spiral stairs on December 5th and injured my ankle.  Friday I received the MRI results and learned I have a severe ligament tear.  Ugh!I am working hard not to be..."
Kelti  ""
Kelti  ""
YamahaGal  "Christmas Day was truly a gift from God. We had a great visit with BP daughter. She had breakfast and spent a couple hours with us. So nice to have a glimpse of a healthier, kind and respectful young ..."
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