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  "I have miscarried.." (Yaryocd)

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Chuck2"I feel like I have found a new home here. Before I cam to MDJunction I was without any interaction with people in my situation. This is a great place to come when you need help or want to offer help. It also helps to learn more about my condition." (Chuck2)

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A community of parents & family members dedicated to dealing with a loved addict, together.
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"Lisa and Rosalee, I did the same thing, kept trying to bring his bottom up. I like to think I did, but..."
"Alecia, good music always make sad times better, I need it to feed my soul, I am so happy to share..."
"thnk u for the has been a tornado n u r right the stress has not been kind to my health..."
"Pattb-Yes this forum is a godsend.If it was not for this site I don't know what I would have done..."
"Minipie xoxo! Lol"
"Fred, thanks for posting. Music and videos are sure to bring a smile for sure. Glad you shared this."
"Thanks Patti. I started trying the "let go" thing when I was so miserable I wanted to just walk..."
"Pattb I didn't get the pm yet."
"Mehman, Happy birthday to your son, I am glad he is in a safe place. Much love to you. Patti, good to..."
"Wonderful post Fred. I am so happy to hear your reconnecting with your wife and healing. Such good news!"
"Ha Ha ha...I am laughing. Love you ladies!"
"Great post, Iris. Fred, I am an open book. Everyone is different. My husband does not talk much. Never..."
"I am hollding space for it to go really well Fred. When a person holds space for another person it means..."
"Guitar playing....and tears are both an outlet! It gets the junk out, and gives us relief for our tension..."
"Fred: I'm so glad you have an outlet that gives you some calm and enjoyment. Creative outlets are..."
"Grandof5, Welcome to the group. The sooner the better that something change so that the grandchildren's..."
"SF Mom; One of the hardest step is knowing that you have to do what you have to do. The packing up all of..."
"That is good they are keeping the miss for the weekend. Take a nice weekend break, you deserve it!"
"what songs do you like to hear your son play? I just found youtube ,its the greatest thing ever for music,..."
"Codependent No More by Melodee (or Melody) Beattie"
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