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  "For my daughter. I'm bipolar with manic depression. Have PTSD and act strange...." (eligoldberg)
A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Pancreatic Cancer, together.
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cece1124  "I've been listening to Mercy Me, a song called unaware.   and I want to be able to say those words and mean them.  I want to be unaware of my feelings, unaware of everything.  To sa..."
cece1124  "If you could stand in the center of stadium and just hear the voices of thousands of people.   That is how i feel my feel everyday.  My mind jumping from thought to thought all the time and ..."
cece1124  "The other day I was thinking of all the reasons why I am still here.   I didn't have to think for long and the list was too short.   My children (2 boys, 7 and 11 yrs old) and my mom who..."
cece1124  "I have been having problems with my computer.   I almost cried when it crashed and i lost everything.  If I lose this computer i feel I will lose my life line to the outside world.  &nb..."
cece1124  "I do not know how to deal with this condition.  It has taken me so far down that i do not know or see a way up not to mention a way out.  I have been seeing medical attention and medication ..."
cece1124  "I have been in my house for 2 weeks straight.  I have a car and the thought of opening the door and going out...Let's just say my stomach is in knots.   I hope it gets better b..."
cece1124  "I have let go of people who make me feel like there is nothing wrong with me, that i am making things up.  I hate having to explain myself of give explinations as to why i'm like this. &..."
roy  "Happy spring everyone!It seems I have totally neglected writing in my diary lately, I do hope to write more now - let it be my spring resolution ;-)As opposed to my diary... a lot of work was put into..."
scooby64  "When I was feeling lousy after a relationship breakup, a therapist I saw told me to take a walk!  I think with depression, something is involved they call endorphins - and exercise seems to incre..."
scooby64  "When I was not medicated properly and used alcohol, things got sorta crazy.  I'm opening up in A.A. and had the opportunity to vent my frustrations to my real "family."I went to Ban..."
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