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A community of patients, family members and friends dedicated to dealing with Occipital Neuralgia, together.
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Latest Occipital Neuralgia Diaries
twistedDNA  "I just don't have it in me to stay with MDJ, it hasn't been the help I needed. And I feel I'm better off just doing my own research on Sjogren's instead of the group thing. So many&"
twistedDNA  "Oh boy here I poor my heart out to others in hopes of getting some of the anxiety out and maybe get those memories out of my head..........but I was just used again. How I trust others is beyond me"
twistedDNA  "Well I'm not quite a screaming monkey but I'd like to have some fun for a change instead of dealing with my ailments so feel like screaming out my frustrations. Had to medicate to drop the "
twistedDNA  "Funny that's an old saying from the 60s and 70s about having sex, 'Getting it On' but my meaning today is getting on with what needs to be done, before I know it I will be dead. I have "
twistedDNA  "Here it is summer and I am so tired I can't get much done nor think to straight. New rheumy, new labs, new problems. Not sure whats going on but almost ready for the big sleep if it doesn't"
roy  " Hi Everyone, I hope this finds YOU in good health & spirit! Today we launched a few upgrades that, as always, were requested by your fellow members and are all improvements of your "
tbond1969  "I finally could not take the pain any longer. My son took me to my doctor, when I was seen they tried to get me to the ER, I refused. My Doctor gave me a shot of Toradol and added Fiorinal for me to t..."
tbond1969  "My head Pain on right side of my head ALL THE TIME, NEVER STOPS. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!!!! Excedrin Migraine 2 pills BID . Topamax"
twistedDNA  "Writing out my will and trying to get my life, whats left of it, in order so my brother doesn't have to do much after I'm gone. I know how hard it is to have to go through someone else'"
twistedDNA  "Its stalking me! Harassing me! And abusing me again. Why won't it just leave? I can't leave, I can't hide in a safe house somewhere, I'm stuck. I'm trying my best to ignore it,to p..."
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