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Latest Occipital Neuralgia Diaries
janetmcgee  "Just getting to know how to work this site.  Not very computer savvy.Had a couple of good days since my last entry.  Why does this pain change? No wonder the doctors cant do anything"
laurabelle  "I woke up today and didnt have a headache. It was great. I had my 4th nerve block yesterday. - since the 3rd block wasnt successful, I was able to convince the doctor to give me another. he was hesita..."
roy  "Hello friendsIt’s time for autumn updates.The first thing you probably noticed is that the left pane is on the left again!You guys voted & although it was close, the"
Judson "It's been five months since my surgery by Dr. Guyuron and I continue to feel much better.  My headaches are around 80% better, my medication has been reduced by a third, and I actually have"
sarahlouise  "i just had a radiogfrequent ablation done on wed and i am feeling like crap and its hurts like mad and no painkillers can take the pain away i wish they would and i am sick of seeing the 4 walls in my"
twistedDNA  "My alternative doc found multiple nutritional deficiencies that my MD did not. I've been at a stand still for so long but now I have hope. I'm going down every path to improve my health becaus..."
roy  "Happy days on MDJ... The green logo you guys chose dictated the rest but we tried to keep as many elements the same or similar. I really hope you like it!!It looks to us as everything is working"
roy  " I’d like to apologize to the many people whom I didn’t answer the past few days… as you can see I had a very good reason… ;-)"
roy  " 77% of the votes!!...not a big surprise to anyone who read some of"
twistedDNA  "Long week and I'm dead on my feet but at least some of my friends were here for a visit and helped me with a few of the things I can no longer do by myself and that's always a good feeling "
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