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  "For my Aunt with Carcinoid Cancer <3" (amandalynn14)
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VickyKae  "It must be frustrating to be a physician and not be able to find a medical cause for a patients chronic pain.  With practitioners finding a commonality in such frustration, the patients that pres..."
VickyKae  "I am a 50-year old obese woman with chronic pain of the gallbladder kind--and the shoulder kind.  My medical doctor advised me three days ago that I would not like what he had to tell me, but he ..."
chameleonwho "My dad doesn't care about my anxiety, or my pin worms, or my teeth, or my life. My mom only cares about my and she is signing me up for a psychologist. I don't get how they could help. My coun..."
MisaBlue01  "I am feeling depressed and lonely again after having awhile of feeling normal and fine. I cant help but feel so scared that I am going to lose my bf. I dont know why I feel afraid about this happening..."
vickiem1124  "I have been disappointed a lot lately. with not being able to get my last class finished and being forgotten by my sister when she went to the funeral and forgot to pick me up and  wanting to go ..."
TygerGrrl  "*I posted this in the Paranoid Personality Forum so this may seem familiar* I have recently taken it online and I have my results that I am going to take it to a psychologist to read but my par..."
hunkydorie  "I keep going over and over inside my head how to handle certain situations regarding my 16 year old daughter. Some decisions are out of my hands and are in the hands of the school regarding courses th..."
mss1991  "As you know, my name's Miranda. I'm 22 years old. My mother Trina, passed away January 9, 2013. I don't know who my biological father is. I love my dad, its complicated tho"
hunkydorie  "Yesterday I met my new pdoc or at least I think who will be my pdoc. I am so sorry to be losing the one I had. He is closing his practice in about a month. I was totally upfront with this new doc and ..."
hunkydorie  "I often question how other parent(s) handle their teenagers especially in times of crisis. I look at my daughter's friend's and I wonder how they act at home. Are they anymore mature than my o..."
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