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  " I wear this ribbon becuase my father died of stomach and espogeal cancer" (alsgirl7181)

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norma"Glad I joined MDJ. Why? In one word PEOPLE. The folks at this site are some of the best people in the world. They have made my life better by being there for me. Thanks for making a place where support is available for me. You guys make this world a better place." (norma)

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"Hi everyone! I was recently diagnosed with MRSA and I've been scouring the internet for any information..."
"I am with Misty it does not look like MRSA but the only sure way to know is cultures. And your so welcome..."
"I am glad to here you are fine great news my friend. Glad you found me too I am always glad to help in..."
"Hey Kerry sorry to hear about your major back surgery It sounds like it was very hard on you. Wow I know..."
"Hello MS0512 my name is Viv and it is very nice to meet you. I am not offended by anything you ask dear..."
"Hey Jay by now your back at work so please let me know how the boil and you are doing? Anytime I get back..."
"Hey there Fuzzy, Hang in there Kitty and I hope you got immediate help at the ER or went to a different..."
"Hey Sandy I am so sorry I have not been here to answer I have been sick myself. You sound like they need..."
"Hey Gina Viv here I am so sorry I am just now getting you answered dear I am sick right now myself. Took..."
"Deena I wish I had the answer I cannot take anti-inflammatories either I take vicodin and use cool..."
"Sky it does not mean it will develop an immunity to it in that small of length of time. I would go back..."
"Hey Skyth my name is Viv and it is nice to meet you. I am sorry to hear that you have gotten MRSA never a..."
"Hey Melany I am Viv and it is nice to meet you dear. You can read some of my old post and see I have had..."
"Kalissi05 I feel your pain. For some reason those who are in the medical field dealing with this are so..."
"Bree you have a right to have any record you want of yours and it normally takes 72 hours to get a test..."
"Jeffery my name is Viv and I have had MRSA for several years now and have not given it to anyone in my..."
"Look up "Intraosseous Infusion" Your..."
"Wow, you've been here a very long time. The last forum I participated in, I was in for about 10 years. I..."
"Hello ffsreally I am sorry to hear that your going through your second round of MRSA. By the way my name..."
"Hi there, I am new here also. I just read your story and understand how terrified you must be. I am the..."
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