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  "My father, aunt, Godmother, and for myself." (Holy1knobe)

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colorobert"MDJunction has given me the resources to be able to handle the day to day stress of the day. When I can't talk to my therapist, I know that I can put my question on the forums and some nice person will respond to me. Nice to know that there is others that is like me." (colorobert)

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"Thanks for your advice--we really appreciate it."
by mercrp1
in MRSA General & Support - 5 days ago
"Hi IrishRed, You have it right on. The antibiotics are the reason, most likely. Fibromyalgia and..."
"Hi Mercrp1, The basics are what Sheila wrote, for any infection. You should have it cultured to see..."
by Misty456
in MRSA General & Support - 7 days ago
"Hi bluedonut, Pretty much all pimples are caused by SA (Staphylococcus Aureus), but not all..."
by Misty456
in MRSA General & Support - 19 days ago
"Hi Leah, I don't like to recommend products on this site, as that is not what it's about. If you google..."
by Misty456
in MRSA General & Support - 24 days ago
"I am sorry for the loss. Her family's in my thoughts."
by LeahMariex3

in MRSA General & Support - 27 days ago
"Hello Missebby1 I am Viv and it is nice to meet you. As Misty said I am sorry you need to be in this..."
"Kudos, Babycak, From reading your post, you are really on top of it. You are doing a lot to help..."
"Did you get my pm?"
"I keep telling myself not to worry so much about having MRSA but it is STRESSFUL. Either my daughter or..."
"Sorry to read that you have this chronic problem. I was diagnosed with MRSA 6 months ago and haven't had a..."
"Scrappy Jack Schnauzer passed away from complications of MRSA on February 10 at age 12. He had a stroke..."
"Hi, Sorry to hear it. It's not a very easy thing to deal with. You need to keep reading and learning...."
"Hi mem9467, i may be able to help you . Please send me a pm"
"I had found an article concerning onions that indicates that onions inhibit aspects of our immune system...."
"I understand how you feel. I also feel that way sometimes. Now I live with someone whose meds make him..."
"Could be the flu. I read in the paper that it was so bad in the Portland Oregon that the school district..."
"Just remember that betadine will stop working at some point as well, if used too much and the bacteria are..."
"Has anyone taken these together> If so, can you tell me about the side effects."
"I remember now it was a Dr. Oz show. I wonder if you google Dr. Oz if you could read what it says about..."
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