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Written by MonkeyGrandma   
17 April 2011
I am on a fact finding mission.  It seems impossible at times.  If I were not so dizzy and off balance all of the time and if I could just get my eyes to read like they used to it would be a much easier task.  I am not newly diagnosed but I have reached a place where my symptoms are adversely effecting my every day life and that means my peace of mind is suffering.

I am finding new information all of the time and I don't like some of the answers.  I don't like it when told "we don't know what causes it."  I don't like the fact that it is considered a "rare disease".   I also feel that I need support of others who are going through the same things that I am.  I have many questions and I am into researching information and treatments that may help me.  I hope that by putting this information on this site that my research will help others and may save you some time in doing the same research. 
I have found several websites that were informative and easy to read.  They give basic information about this disease. I will try to provide the links  in the order of definition, diagnosis , and treatment.   
The National Institute of Health has an abundance of information on dieases as well as treatment.  They also are doing clinical studies  in order to research the causes and treatment effectiveness for many illnesses. 
The NIH has a directory of organizations that we can use to help us in our search for support, diagnosis and treatment.
The Organization for Rare Disorders has more information 
The Vestibular Disorders Association provides information on diagnosis and treatment
The MdDS Balance Disorder Foundation
The MdDS Balance Disorders Foundation is doing a Clinical study if any are interested
Another site Meniere' tells about diagnostic testing 
The following are some links to describe some of the testing that is being being done
Since each of our situations is different I have researched treatments that have been recommended for me.  I am also adding some links that include treatments such as intratympanic Gentamycin or steroids that I see others have received.
I am currently in a Vestibular Rehab Program. 
I also have what is called hyperascusis 
Finally there is a Mayo Clinic site that has a comprehensive detailed list of treatment options
Another site had lots of information 
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