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jaguar62"Here's a success story for you ,, there was this poor guy who all he ever did was work his butt off day in and day out, and would settle for no less than perfection which caused him to somewhat be an outcast among his peers.

But then people around him started to notice that failure wasn't an option and this guy could really get things moving in the direction they were supposed to go so when they had an issue they would hesitantly ask for assistance at first.

But as time went on more and more people started getting referred to him. Before you knew it he was recognized and he had a top executive job,Escalation Supervisor of the whole Eastern Coast of United States for a communications company was staying busy like he loved to do and helping people along the way and life was excellent, good salary and benefits ,loved going to work "everyday".

Then one day (it was a period of time ) it was over ...seemed like it disappeared in an instance (after being diagnosed with Parkinsons Disease at the age of 49) and it stayed that way forever it seemed and life was slowly deteriorating around him ..depressed , no motivation, no job, health issues getting progressively worse much faster than just Parkinson and then being told it has possibilities of being MSA (Multiple Systems Atrophy) well seeing as i wasn't working i started checking out sites online and just so happened on MDJunction and the Parkinsons Support Group and absolutely loved the forums and feed back from the GLs and found out it wasn't just poor me at all, it was lots of wonderful people who shared the same symptoms that i was and still am going thru every day but in a whole lot better more positive frame of mind . So after about a year of posting and reading the forums daily and meeting so many good people I knew i wanted to give back some of this well needed love that i had received , So I applied for a Group Leader Position and ...

I had a "new job" and its helping people as well as getting the necessary help I now require and I can do it 24 hrs a day if i want to ..HOW GOOD IS THAT .

OH Yeah!I almost forgot the best part is the wonderful fellowship around the workplace,,

MDjunction has opened my eyes and offered me a new beginning to what was looking like a very dark end. thanks MDJ (and yes i do know where I would be without you.)
" (jaguar62)

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babies1 gave me a Hug
05/08/2013 08:49 AM
a HugThanks to all my friends for their help and support in getting my book published. Dream of a lifetime! by jct

babies1 gave me a Hug
12/23/2012 04:39 AM
a HugI know I'm not here often but I think of my friends here every day and want you to know how thankful I am and how much I love you all so much. I know that some of you will not have a very happy holliday season,for
different reasons, but let us just be thankful for all of the good things and people in our lives and concentrate on that. Blessings to you and yours, Jenn

babies1 gave me a Hug
08/28/2012 09:14 PM
a HugI can on check in here about every two months but think of you all often and pray that you are well. love, jenn

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