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Dit"I've been a grateful member here for over 4 yrs this place has changed my life of course for the better, coming to the groups has enabled me to no longer feel so alone. As a group leader for the Bipolar Support group I can relate to others and am expressing my experience strength and hope and this is very rewarding, I've also made many supportive friends here whom I talk to some daily. I used to have a lot of 'lows' since becoming member here at MdJunction I no longer have these lows." (Dit)

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claphappy gave me a Hug
02/14/2014 09:08 AM
a HugHappy Valentines days. Celebrate Love, all kinds of it. HUGS CLAP

Cata gave me a Hug
12/23/2013 07:00 PM
a HugTo each of you in our RA family: May you be blessed beyond what you've dreamed of. May you have open eyes and a receiving soul to recognize and enjoy your blessings. May you be a blessing to your world. 
May you find new ways to better health, be able to chase your dreams and find many, many reasons to celebrate life :)
For a 2014 marked with joy, love and good fortune. Happy Holidays!!!

Tons of love, Cata

PauleR gave me a Hug
08/26/2013 05:04 PM
a Hugi wish you peace, health and happiness.

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