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animalhero"Md junction was a Godsend in my life! In such a short amount of time, I learned so much from other people who also have Lyme's. Having the support from others who really understand what I'm going through is priceless. To me, Md Junction is just as important to my healing as everything else that I'm doing to get well." (animalhero)

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Gender: Female
Birthdate: 04/25/1988
City: Miami
State: Florida
A little about me: I'm a lost soul in a very lonely world. I don't know what I want in life. All I know is I want to make a positive impact on someone else's life.
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  "I wear this for others who are bi-polar. I'm currently trying to familiarize myself with this disorder so I can live a good life and help others feel comfortable with themselves"
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Peace77 gave me a Hug
01/31/2014 05:50 PM
a HugLets think positive on Ground Hogs Day. May he go back in before he sees his shadow wherever we live!! Then Spring will be here in no time at all!
YES !!!

sarahtroy gave me a Hug
01/19/2014 06:54 AM
a HugI'm so sorry to still be away on break. I think of all of you. I am itching to get back, but there is still some more personal business I must take care of first. Know that I miss you and can't wait to be back.


Plo83 gave me a Hug
01/01/2014 07:00 PM
a HugI sent my first mass-hug yesterday and I never knew that it would reach the people that it has...especially myself. I wanted you all to know that we're all afraid and alone sometimes but that there is always someone there that loves us-even if it's not exactly who we always expected. Then you guys flooded me with hugs and I didn't realize how much I needed to hear the same thing, especially right now. I'm crying like a baby at the moment and I have no shame to admit it. Thank you all so much. I've been weak lately and your love is lifting me up. I hope to be able to repay back each and every single one of you this year! Patrick

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I get depressed alot. Lately it's been getting worse. I don't have anyone to talk to about it and if I write in an actual journal my parents will read it. So I've decided to write in the diary on this site.
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