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naddya819"MD Junction has become an absolute daily staple for me. Finding groups with people who share the same struggles as I have has made me feel connected, and knowing that I am not alone means everything to me." (naddya819)

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Gender: Female
City: westland
State: Michigan
A little about me: 43 yrs old recenetly diag. w/fibro. Have had for many years. Very fusterated, trying to understand it. Tired of everyone thinking it's in my head. IT IS REAL! I know my body. I was the energizer bunny that somehow the batteries have just ran out and won't recharge. And i need to get back to some kind of normal (whatever normal is) life again.
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  "I wear this ribbon to support those/myself with Fibromyalgia. And hope for a true understanding and a cure."
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princessdove gave me a Hug
04/08/2014 01:31 PM
a HugWe miss you in the Arthritis Group. Let us know how you are doing and Happy Spring! :-)

jaguarandcubs gave me a Hug
03/21/2014 10:56 PM
a HugI'm sorry I haven't been much of a group leader lately. I'm battling my bipolar demons at the moment, so I'm not doing so well. Please know that I DO think of you!
Hope your pain is manageable. *hugs*

princessdove gave me a Hug
03/17/2014 08:25 AM
a HugCheck in with us in the Arthritis Group and let us know how you are doing. Thanks! :-)

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