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suebaby41"I was recently diagnosed with Recurrent Breast Cancer In The Chest
Wall. I would not be able to handle it as well as I am without the
help of my MDJunction friends. It just proves to me that there are
lots of good people in this world and I am happy to be involved with
MDJunction who seems to have most of them.
" (suebaby41)

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Gender: Female
State: North Carolina
A little about me: I am 40 yrs old..
Married to a wonderful and patient man and I have 2 teen age boys...
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  "I have been in pain for months... I thought everyone around me was thinking I was crazy and it was all in my mind... Finally I saw a commerical about it and talked to my Doctor and told him to lisen to me instead of hearing it in one ear and out the other.. he tested me and looked at me and said I think you are right... He put me on lyrica and low and behold I hurt no more... I get out of bed without looking like a 150 year old lady... Also my son is ADHA with mild terrets if I could wear more ribbons then one I would wear one for Cancer for my 2 sisters I have lost before their time and for my father as the factor of a heart attack..."
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Adewyn gave me a Hug
12/26/2013 05:42 AM
a HugI have been supper over the top Busy lately But I wanted to take a moment and Wish All my wonderful Fibro warriors a Very Merry Christmas and a Awesome 2014!
I love all of you! Thank you all for being you!

broken gave me a Hug
09/21/2013 06:09 PM
a HugI just wanted to send you a hug and let you know you were being thought of

broken gave me a Hug
08/05/2012 10:23 AM
a Hugthank you for being you..

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The Diary of MandyK
This is a Diary of my life... Of truthful feelings... Pain that I may be feeling... Hurt that may happen... Just thoughts ... dreams and truth...
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Friday July 12th 07/11/2008  113 0
July 5th and loving this morning... 07/05/2008  113 0
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