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eeyoreislife"Before I became a member of mdj, I was completely isolated. I was dealing with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic pain, agoraphobia, spousal abuse and a child with special needs. I only joined one group at first and was overwhelmed day one with the outpouring of support from members I now consider good friends. I eventually branched out to other support groups I felt would help me. That is the second best part of mdj...that there is a support group for pretty much everything and if you can't find it you are welcome to start one! But the number one reason I love mdj has to be the members. No matter what group I am in, I am enveloped in a caring, understanding and non judgemental cyber hug from the members." (eeyoreislife)

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A little about me: My name is Alex, I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease July of 07 hospitalizing me for over 3 months and causing me to have 5 surgeries within 7 weeks of each other. I've had about a foot of intestines removed and now live with an ileostomy bag because my colon was so infected with the disease. I will be getting surgery sometime within the next 3-4 months and they will try to put my small intestine and colon back together again. I've also experienced gallbladder issues getting it removed not sure if it had anything to do with Crohn's. After all of my surgeries are complete and I'm well on my feet again and living a normal life without the ileostomy bag I will begin taking a medication called humira. Not knowing how long I've lived with the disease surely I believe at least since I have been 15 years old I've taken a lot of medication and one that I've believed worked for me is Miralax. I took the drug used for constipation and kinda like a laxative for over 2 years and then stopping it, thats when I started to have a lot of stomach pain to the point where I couldn't move, I have been into the emergency room in 2007 at least over 10 times and in 2008 pretty much have lived in the hospital like I said. I have been looking for help with my Crohn's maybe getting ideas on medications or even diets to follow that have helped others, I know we are not the same and with Crohn's it is different with other people others maybe able to eat something I'm not. I'm will to try anything because even though I'm getting and have had surgery I will never not have Crohn's with surgery I have been told I may live anywhere from months to years without Crohn's but sometime in life will return. Thats a little about me and what I've gone through since I've found out I've had Crohn's if you have any ideas or any help or even any questions please feel free to contact me thank you.
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emmy81 gave me a Hug
05/14/2012 07:47 PM

MDJStaff gave me a Hug
01/02/2012 02:57 AM
a HugWishing you a healthy 2012 with lots of people, helping people!

JoeG2k11 gave me a Hug
11/04/2011 01:53 PM
a HugHope everyone has a good friday as much as possible,thinking about you all =)

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