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Greytabby"MDJunction not only gives me a chance to be understood and receive genuine sympathy..
it allows me to give it few people truly comprehend chronic illness...but MDJ...allows you to meet and converse with people who do and who who care...i love MDJ.
" (Greytabby)

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State: New Hampshire
A little about me: 50 year old, married, mother of 4 young adults who has been very active my entire life. One of my big accomplishments was riding 100 miles for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society last year - one thing off of my bucket list.

Just recently competed at my gym in the
"ultimate weight loss challenge". It was a 10 week challenge and I was the biggest loser...17 lbs and 13 1/2" and 5% body fat. During this intense challenge, I was working out some days for at least 2 hrs. I started to notice some tingly sensations in my legs, buttocks, pelvic floor, and foot. I have had no pain but have been told many a time from trainers that I need to stretch more as my lower back is so tight and I lack flexibility.

So the numbness sent me to a primary who sent me to a PT/Chiropractor. He ordered an MRI of my lombar area and the interpretation was severe spinal stenosis in all of my lombar area. I have seen a neurosurgeon once and he says it is congenital and I am now starting with arthritis and that it is a very severe condition. I just had an MRI done of my cervical area so waiting on those results.

The neuro said I will eventually have to have surgery but to hold off for as long as I can.

The weird thing is that I don't have much pain, other than a dull ache in my lower back on occasion but I always attributed that to my exercise routine.

I joined this forum to meet people suffering with the same ailment and to learn more about this process.

Thanks for your time!
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12/25/2012 05:50 AM
a HugHave a merry, merry Christmas and happy new year - filled with Light and Love, Raoul

Raoul gave me a Hug
10/19/2012 05:37 AM
a HugTo all of my friends - You are all so sweet and Loving - here is a morning hug and snuggle, on this, my 70th birthday, Raoul

Raoul gave me a Hug
04/28/2012 06:02 AM
a HugWelcome to the spinal stenosis support group, Raoul

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