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mra gave me a Hug
04/12/2012 09:22 AM
a HugMarina, it's good that you're seeing Dr. Ian Maratos. In my experience surgery will not totally fix the balancing of the jaw and may cause scar tissue. As you said, there is only a 50-50 chance of success, which seems to me not very good odds. When I had a whip lash on my neck, I needed the help of an Atlas Orthogonal or Orthospinology chiropractor. Go to their sites and Dr Dalton found that if we didn't get the C-1 and C-2 cervical bones balanced in my neck, my jaw would never be balanced. Another source needed is a cranial facial therapist that would help with your son's posture. It takes a team to accomplish freedom from pain or at least an acceptable amount of pain. The goal is to be able to have a much better quality of life. I encourage you to look into these suggestions that have helped many to improve. I am helping a young woman here in Little Rock Arkansas who has suffered from TMJ for nine years. She is following this path of treatment and symptoms are improving.

mra gave me a Hug
04/11/2012 12:25 PM
a HugMarina,
In order for you to understand what I experiences, here are some facts you should know:
Type of surgery- Orthoscopic Surgery
Procedure- The Surgeont ook a small scope and made an incision by my TMJ joint, looked at the joint, saw that they were inflamed and injected some steroids. The surgery did not improve my condition, and in fact, left me with a lot of scar tissue.
Let me tell you about my joints. My right TM Joint has so much osteoarthritis, that the disfiguration was immediately obvious. My left joint has a slipped disc. This means my joint would make a poping sound. The protective cartilage disc slipping and out of the TM Joint.
The important thing about chosing a nuromusclar dentist is checking on his credentials and his diagnostic equipment.
My dentist Dr. Dalton has a LVI Fellowship. This means he has completed seven advanced courses which includes 278 dental education hours. He also had to take a comprehensive exam to show his knowlege.
Some dentists after an LVI Fellowship will go on to get a mastership. This is a higher level of comprehensive studies in TMJ Dentistry. They are not required in their field to complete this. I have found that because it is so expensive and takes so many years to complete, many do not choose to finish their training. I at first went to a dentist who had not completed his training and suffered for it. I am hoping that you checked to be sure your Neromusclar dentist had this exact same training.
Because I took the time to do my research and have a detailed consultation with Dr. Dalton, my condition has improved, at least where I can function in a more or less normal manner.
Here is a list of the doctors from Australia who received their fellowship from LVI:
Fred Calavassy Sydney NSW Australia
Neil Cheesman Deakin, ACT Australia
Anne-Maree Cole Fortitude Valley, QLD Australia
Matthew Littleton North Rockhampton, Queensland Australia
Craig Duval Brisbane, Queensland Australia
Sam Guirguis Sydney, NSW Australia
Craig Newman Merimbula, North South Wales Australia
Brett Taylor Penshurst, NSW
This Doctor has a Mastership:
Anne-Maree Cole Fortitude Valley, QLD Australia

mra gave me a Hug
04/09/2012 09:13 AM
a HugWhat is the name of the Neuromusclar Dentist you are seeing? Does he have a fellowship at LVI?

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