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ThereseML"When I first came to MDJ, I was in need of peer support in dealing with issues of my childhood abuse. I was moving away from the painful issues and trying to find an uplifting group of people to help me transition to a thriver in my life. I found that here. I also found a group of peers with Fibromyalgia and found the same uplifting experience there. My computer crashed and it was a while before I found my way back, this time with issues related to Parkinson's Disease. I had tried a few other support sites before reminding myself of MDJ. On those, I never got a reply. I finally found my way back here and again found very supportive, caring and inspiring people who made me feel like I was 'back home'. Indeed I am." (ThereseML)

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A little about me: I am 18, I have had headaches/migraines since I was 9. When I started at the 5th best Highschool in the country they got more frequent and more severe due to the stress of taking college courses so early. November of my junior(November 2010) year I got into a minor car accident but they think it could be a possible cause that in February of my junior year(February 2011) they went daily chronic. I was missing school and seeing 2 neurologists, after realizing that headache and migraine medication did nothing they tried powerful pain killers. Unfortunately they had to be extremely high doses to have any effect. With the pain so excruciating I then got hospitalized for 10 days. They ran every test they could think of and after 10 days of getting poked and prodded, they sent me home with no relief. I then went to one of the most renown neurologists in Florida.

After reviewing my MRIs, X-Rays, EEGs, and drugs that I had previously been on he only had 2 other strategies. The first was a drug combo which didn't work. The second was M.H.N.I. (Michigan Headache and Neurological Institute) which is known as the best place for people with nowhere else to go. Me and my mother flew up to Michigan near the end of March of 2011(I was pulled out of school February 16th). After 2 weeks extremelly high doses of medications being mixed, going to "classes" to help manage stress, meeting people with similar problems, getting my blood drawn every 3 hours to make sure my organs weren't failing, and the psychological appointments they did little to nothing. To make things better my insurance still won't cover the medical bills for my stay at MHNI(Gotta love having Coventry). On my last day of the 2 weeks the did 13 trigger points on my head and 8 of which between C2-C5(1 on each side) while I was put under twilight sleep. The next day I had no sign of even a headache and the doctors told me to keep the stress to a minimum and to not return to my old high school, after a fairwell to my friends I met and the doctors we came back to Florida.

4 days later they return. I was put into Hospital homebound to makeup my school credits. Needless to say I didn't get credit for the 4 College courses that I did over half the course work for. After a month or so we met a new neurologist that did injections of Cortisone and Valium (Anti-inflammatory & Muscle relaxer) directly into my occipital nerve. It worked for about a week then life returned to normal(my normal). After a summer of no stress with no relief of pain I decided I wanted my diploma from my old high school.

Currently, I got enrolled into my old high school and am taking 3 college courses since it is my senior year. I am also having to take 2 online classes, needless to say the stress doesn't help but I don't like to be told I can't do something. I am having a type of surgery that is SUPPOSE to fix the problem or at least help. I am going to have the procedure tomorrow(March 15th).

I have tried physical therapy, special pillows, special beds, acupuncture, and so many things it's hard not to give up. Who wants to live a life that on a good day they can go to school to try to makeup as much as possible before they can't function again and fall behind and never getting out of the sandpit? Why would someone want to go on with that type of life?

As nice as it sounds to just give up, I hope none of you do. We have to be strong and fight back. I have to thank my Mother for being there every step of the way, even though she is in her own pain (Fibromyalgia) she still finds a way to give me strength to keep going. And I always try my best to do the same for her. She is the most amazing person I have ever met. She deals with Fibromyalgia, while raising two children on her own(Sister 13 and me 18), stood strong when the hurricanes took out our house 8 years ago with getting less then 10% of what our house was worth from the insurance company, losing that property to bank for-closer, surviving an abusive marriage, and she even own's her own company that is still thriving. Easily said, I have never met a stronger person.

So my message is simply "Do not go gentle into that goodnight" - Dylan Thomas
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Clarita gave me a Hug
04/10/2014 03:38 PM
a HugHello :-), Group Hug time from your Group Leader Clarita,
Please check out all the new posts over on Chronic Pain Support Group plus if you are able to join in then please freely do so plus thanks in advance for this- this would be fabulous(only if you can post as your pains are not too high or you are not too busy or both of these) if able to join in then do so - refuse to sit on the sidelines- be active/proactive as the more that join in the better it is for the dynamics of the group :-) so the better it is for us all!

Very warm welcome to all new members here- make your fine selves at home with us :-)!

Respect is vital- hence my rant of a post earlier- always treat your fellow chronic pain community member with the upmost respect as well as show them gratitude whenever they take their time to help You. Manners cost little yet make a big difference. Always be civil, adult like as well as treat each other as equals, too.

Bullies will be given zero tolerance by us GL's, too.

Though, on the whole this is a supportive fabulous community even though it has been a little quiet in its voices recently(soon to change hopefully)!
It is a real honour to serve as a GL here alongside Mike and Fibroforever.

Huge heartfelt thanks for all the supportive kind messages receive regularly via private messages from you lovely people here as well as the wonderful hugs- touches me deeply to know that you care plus appreciate what do for You. So huge heartfelt thanks.

All those here holding on tightly keep holding on tightly plus know that it will pass/ease up! Lean on us here for support , too.
If you are in a good phase or just want to show you care then please reach out to your fellow chronic pain member with some words of encouragement or support.

Take excellent care of You- each one of You here, plus take brilliant care of one another. Be kind as we are all each fighting hard battles- as the saying goes!

Choose to be the best you can be plus learn to be your own best friend- make it so!

Look forward to seeing new posts as well as new faces on the support group- all who can make it happen.

Sending you my warmest wishes plus super soothing hugs, namaste Clarita :-)
namaste= the light in me honours the light in you

Clarita gave me a Hug
03/27/2014 03:27 AM
a HugHello Chronic Pain Members, Would love to see you join in with posts or create your own- do not sit on the sidelines- this group is for you all here- please make this happen! Looking forward to seeing lots of new faces as well as some familiar ones join in. If you can join in then please do so. If not able to join in then we understand, too. We all need to do what we can when we can.
Please check out the new posts here, too. There is something for everyone here on this caring group.

Please hold on tightly- everyone here whom is having a super tough time of it!
Realise you are not alone.
Take comfort in your friends.
Please lean on us here, too!
Take fabulous good care of You each (be tender/self nurturing)as well take superb care of each other here please.

Sending warmest wishes to you each plus dolphin smiles across the miles from here in the UK, love Clarita :-)
gentle hugs winging their way to you each plus wishes for good karma for every single one of you!

Clarita gave me a Hug
12/23/2013 06:25 AM
a HugHello Chronic Pain SG Friend(s), Christmas Round Robin- Happy Christmas/Merry Christmas to you each here :-)! Hope your pains plus fatigue eases up over the holidays plus you manage to get plenty of rest as well as have good distractions- may this be so plus may you make this so!

Will be away for the holiday - going away with hubby Chris and our k9 Sebster on Christmas Eve for 4 nights at a hotel 50miles away from where we live- staying in a lovely hotel. Really looking forward to this. Will be offline for this period as need to spend quality time with my hubby & our k9(pet friendly hotel- dog allowed in our room plus most areas of hotel)- so will not be around here- having a technology break!

Keep posting. Keep supporting one another. Keep checking out new posts, too. Keep leaning on us all, too. We are all here for one another. Be good to You! Be fabulous to each other here. Be your own best friend. For all those mega challenged- hold on tightly- Hold On Pain Eases eventually!

It is an honour to be your latest Group Leader- look forward to supporting plus getting to know more of you in the near future. Hoping to see more of you post/join in with posts, too, thanks in advance for this :-)!
Very grateful to you each for your warm welcomes, too.

As soon as back home will check in on you guys, okay.

Sending much positive vibes out to you each.

Sending super gentle warm Xmas hugs to you each/all, Love Clarita (about to pack soon for Xmas holiday- delicate as have high pains yet smiling as soon will have much pampering :-) in our Totnes hotel)
:-) dolphin smiles from here in Devon UK to You each:-)

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