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buzzingmind"I joined MDJ in 2009 when I diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Since then, I have used this forum not only to help myself when I am in need but also to share with others who are experiencing similar circumstances. Without this opportunity that MDJ has to offer I would not know who to turn to." (buzzingmind)

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  "I have fibromyalgia and want others to understand the struggles and help find a cure!"
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JoSh11 gave me a Hug
03/28/2014 07:33 AM
a HugHey, Hi !
Group hug!

Clarita gave me a Hug
03/18/2014 03:37 AM
a HugHello Friends, Please have patience with me if do not answer your message straight away or send me another message/nudge- am very health challenged right now- yet will get around to You, have not forgotten you, okay! Thanks for your understanding as well as patience.

Yesterday had some vaccinations for my upcoming May Egypt holiday- this has sent my pains sky high all over too! Am very delicate.

Sending much love to you each, healing light as well as warmest wishes, super soothing hugs Clarita
namaste :-)

LinBC gave me a Hug
02/01/2014 10:06 AM
a HugHi fellow FibroMite. I know the weather isn't very cooperative for some of us and really awful for some of the rest of us. Hang in there, stay warm and be positive.

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