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animalhero"Md junction was a Godsend in my life! In such a short amount of time, I learned so much from other people who also have Lyme's. Having the support from others who really understand what I'm going through is priceless. To me, Md Junction is just as important to my healing as everything else that I'm doing to get well." (animalhero)

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A little about me: Please don't forget, I am not an MD, have never wanted to be, pretended to be, or played one on TV. I care, and my experiences may help- both of us!
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"to encourage inner strength to all those who are caregivers for patiets of lupus, fibromyalgia and chronic pain."
"to pray for hope of a cure for all the diseases that cause pain and suffering that steals precious moments from our families and children."
"for depression and anxiety I have not mastered yet"
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Clarita gave me a Hug
06/30/2014 02:51 AM
a HugHello Chronic Pain Members, Please do not be shy in joining in on the support group- do not just sit on the sidelines/be passive - if you can post then do so okay :-)! Know that at least 5 % of you could realistically join in at least once a month- which would be around 93 of you guys as there are 1,871 members here (maths was never my strongest point yet it is roughly that number) yet not even close to that are joining in at the present! Yes, you all have chronic pain yet so does this Group Leader(me) who has moderate severe to severe chronic pains as well as am a GL in 3 different support groups yet still post as often as possibly can plus take time to find some good posts/links for you! Some of you here have less pains than myself yet for whatever reason do not join in, too. Not saying you have to post every single day or every week yet, this support group will be more dynamic if you are proactive in making this group your own! Variety is the spice of life, too!! If you see a post you like then say so- you do not have to write an essay just a few words. If you need support- ask for it- you would find many people would respond including myself! As long as you keep it respectful, no spamming/promoting any product or treatment, plus do not talk about controversial treatments that spammers like to attach themselves to, and, you post links when appropriate then post freely!
You see something inspirational- share it!
You have some good news- let us know.
You are struggling in some way- lean on us!

Know there are some of you who really cannot post- to weak to type anything- am not talking to you- you carry on just getting inspiration from the posts okay then hopefully when you feel brighter you can join in plus know that we are all here for You! Lean on me via pm anytime, too, as care deeply!

This group hug is mostly for that(at leas) 5% of you who could join in regularly!

Let us keep this board active as well as have lots of faces- not just this batgirl's(bat avatar), okay!

Just needed to give some of you guys a gentle kick of motivation.
Truly hope it will make a difference- will be watching the Chronic Pain SG closely!

Keeping all my fingers as well as toes crossed that will see plenty of new faces as well as some familiar ones post in the next few days/weeks! Thanks in advance to you each- super gentle super grateful hugs winging their way to you all!!

Sending you each ultra gentle hugs, healing light as well as warmest wishes, Namaste Clarita :-)

namaste = the light in me honours the light in You :-)

Many thanks :-)

(i) Angels tremendously as well as tenderly bless every single one of you/much good karma to you each(i) may this serendipitously as well as sublimely so be so!

Peace77 gave me a Hug
06/29/2014 08:04 PM
a HugOur GL Viv (Mitzigirl) was just released from the hospital today after being there for a full week.
Please come and send you well wishes on the Thread that says "Get Well Wishes for Viv" She was in for CHF, and they released her today, so glad she will be back with us soon..We all have missed her much!!

scorpioj gave me a Hug
05/20/2014 10:14 PM
a HugGood to see you here again!I hope that you are finding things that you can gain to make the losses less difficult. Count me as a friend you have gained from talking to you on this forum!Wishing you wellness and all good things in abundance.
Love, peace, joy,

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