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cappymuir"MDJunction means to me the freedom to express my feelings without being interrupted and knowing there are others that can share their experience too. As a Leader it is a to show compassion and give support to all the members and always listen to each one's needs. Sometimes I may not be able to relate, so I view the responses that do relate and happy to see the results. I am proud to be a member of MDJunction and share it with all I meet that need support. I am glad to be an advocate for many different areas that MDJunction fills." (cappymuir)

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Gender: Female
State: Tennessee
A little about me: Dignosed Oct. 2011 with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Only good thing is at least now I know what to call it.
July 2011 I broke my left foot [4 bones]by dropping something heavy on it. Once the Dr. had X-rays showing all had healed he said the pain was all in my head. The pain and swelling continues as if it was the 2nd week. When I returned to my family MD he sent me to a different Orthopaetic who dignosed me on the first visit.
Since then I have gone to a physical theropist and had sympathic pain blocks in my spine.
I joined this forum to learn and find others who suffer with pain when there should be none.
My Awareness Ribbons
"To show those who suffer that I care and will help fight for a cure to end this."
"My heart bleeds for them."
"My heart and money goes out for these families."
"Wear this in support of family members who are suffering even now."
"Had 3 strokes so I wear this to encourage others who find themselves or family members hit by strokes stealing parts of them away."
"O, how we all suffer, I wear this purple for us all. Praying for Gods Grace to be poured out on us."
"To show my Grandson that he is Loved."
"Wearing this for all my high school friends who came back hurting in more ways than one AND for all those friends who did not get to come back home with us."
"Wearing this to encourage and let them know I care."
"Wearing this for the friends I know who suffer through so much. ALSO in support of transplant donors."
Awareness Ribbons

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cfthb gave me a Hug
12/25/2013 09:34 AM
a HugI wanted to add my wishes that we all have as great a Xmas holiday as we all deserve. I hope we can all find plenty of things to be grateful in this time of suffering, which unfortunately doesn't stop for holidays.
Best wishes and luck to everyone on this great forum!

scorpioj gave me a Hug
12/15/2013 10:26 PM
a HugWishing all RSD family, a happy, healthy holiday season, filled with love,joy,peace,contented sleep, comfort,good food and good cheer!

scorpioj gave me a Hug
12/15/2013 08:53 AM
a HugHappy,healthy, holiday hugs to all! May your home be filled with joy, peace and love.

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