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Nevayda"Mdjunction Tourette Syndrome site has given me the opportunity to share my experience of raising a child with TS, with others, especially those with new diagnosis. Support is essential for families and individuals with tourette as is information. I'm glad to have the opportunity to be there. I also learn as I go as others share their experience and knowledge." (Nevayda)

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A little about me: I am a 44 year old married women with adult step children. I have a BA in Sociology and a Nursing Degree. I am not working and have not been working since 2001 was diagnosed as bipolar in 2001 after I went to see a shrink bc I was having a really bad bad depression. This was my first experience seeing a shrink, so I didnt know what to expect. I was prescribed prozac and after that all hell broke loose. I became totally manic. That episode lasted off and on for a year. I didnt think I was bipolar-I just thought I had an allergic or bad reaction to prozac. So I continued to see the psychiatrist and he prescribed many meds and I didnt take them as prescribed. I didnt like the way they made me feel and I didnt believe I was bipolar.I was in denial until aboRut a year ago..I just couldnt accept the disease. I thought that it was just me-that I was messing up or doing something wrong-I totally blamed everything on the prozac for years. I have been rapid cycling for the last several years with several months of remisssion in between the cycles. I have finally accepted my disease and it has made it somewhat better-but not as much as I had hoped.I think I am learning how to cope with it a little better.I'm still hard on myself because I just feel so crazy sometimes.. Anyway, I was never compliant with my meds because I was in denial. I am totally compliant now and I have noticed a slight improvement-nothing huge though. I miss my past life so much. I went to see a shrink for depression-he put me on prozac and all hell broke loose. I havent been the same since.
As a child, I had ADHD. THey didnt call it that back then-they said I was hyper-active and was having a hard time staying focused and couldnt pay attention. My shrink told me that for many, childhood adhd is a precurser to bipolar. I still have ADD and its really hard to deal with too-I got a double whammy. In highschool, I started self medicating with alcohol. I drank steadily for many years-it didnt help anything. I am a recovering alcoholic. I dont drink anymore. I did for a while after my diagnosis and alcohol doesnt play well with the meds.
When I am in an episode I tend to isolate even during the manic times-that is because I suffer from mixed episodes mostly. Thats a combo of depression and mania. I gotta say its really rough. The anxiety is through the roof-I think having mixed episodes goes hand with rapid cycling.
I am very happy I found this site. I feel a little better now than I did a few days ago when I joined.I think this site will really help me. It's much better than talking to a psychiatrist IMO.
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Nika8 gave me a Hug
03/05/2014 05:06 AM
a HugI hope you're feeling well today. Lots of hugs

sarahtroy gave me a Hug
01/19/2014 06:54 AM
a HugI'm so sorry to still be away on break. I think of all of you. I am itching to get back, but there is still some more personal business I must take care of first. Know that I miss you and can't wait to be back.


sarahtroy gave me a Hug
11/18/2013 05:17 AM
a HugFor my Bipolar Support group friends:

"We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far."

~Swami Vivekananda

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Feeling angry and hopeless
Dear diary, I feel like crap. I'm sick of therapy. I hate being bipolar and I spent my birthday in the hospital. I feel hopeless and totally misunderstood but I am grateful for all of you who hug me and give me kind and inspirational words. I don't feel well and I'm in a mixed episode and I broke my ribs. I wish my meds were working right now
I feel so angry. 06/18/2012  168 1
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