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geeterman"When I was first diagnosed with RP I had trouble finding information and then making sense of some of the info I found. So I thought who better to talk to than people who also have the disease. I stumbled upon MD Junction and found the information and support I was hoping for. I now visit the Junction everyday and look forward to giving someone else the help or direction that they may be searching for. I get a few minutes on occaision from a doctor here at the Junction I can reach out to someone everyday." (geeterman)

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angelite80 gave me a Hug
04/03/2014 07:07 AM
a HugHave a wonderful Thursday everyone!
Many hugs and warm wishes to you all

Nika8 gave me a Hug
03/05/2014 05:06 AM
a HugI hope you're feeling well today. Lots of hugs

DorisAnn gave me a Hug
03/04/2014 10:58 AM
a HugHello to all of my wonderful members of the Self-Esteem and Positive thinking support group,
I would like to take this time to say Good Bye, to our dear friend Clara. Thank you, for all of your wonderful articles, feedback and posts in many different situations. With all of this being said, I would like to take this time to talk to the group.
What would are some of the concerns that most of you are expressing in your daily life’s? That you would like to learn more about…Examples of this could be learning different coping skills, hearing different story’s, reading different articles.
If you do not like to post in open forum, please send me a person message. I would like to get to know you and help support each of you.

Let’s makes 2014 a year to remember!

Wishing all of you the best!

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