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DanikaT"Being part of MDJunction and more specifically the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support forum has been a gift to my life. When I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I needed to talk and share with people that understood. I was restricted in mobility so it was impossible to find support outside of my home. I was able to receive understanding and non-judgemental support from my bed through the Internet! Although my family and friends were amazing, being a member of MDJunction was my lifeline. It meant that I was understood and cared about and in turn it meant less risk of burnout for my friends and family. I am honored to now be the group leader of the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support forum and continue to be supported and learn more everyday that I log in.
Danika :-)
" (DanikaT)

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"my best friend had Leukemia as a baby and got the all clear 1 year ago & my cousin has just been diagnosed with MS."
"My Gandy suffered with alzheimers and it took his life on the 24/11/2012, i'll always remember him!"
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01/01/2012 04:51 AM
a HugWishing you a healthy 2012 with lots of people, helping people!

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05/10/2011 05:20 AM
a HugHi Clarkstarr,
That sounds like a big surgery. I hope you are doing good now. My daughter who is 20 yrs. old was diagnose last year January. She also has a swollen aorta and some regurgitation at the aortic valve, not so bad though. She has no symptoms of anything. The only time she feels sick is when she take Prednisone and Methotrexate. Her disease is still active, the dr. wants to change her over to Humira or Enbrel, don't know anyone who is on those meds for TAK.

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