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blondee8257"mdjunction has become my second home, its the first place i visit
while im having coffee and the last place i visit before bed....i
honestly dont know what i would have done if i had not have found
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A little about me: I am a woman who has been friend, girl friend, Fiance`, then girl friend, then now room mate and care giver and finally Wife- to a man of 41 years old who has Bi- Polar. We have been through the gambant, depression, mania, combined episodes and even medication related convulsions. I have tried to be the supporter and the one he can trust. It is hard and there are very real times that I can't do it any more. But I have listened to him, to his explanations of what it is like to have Bi- Polar and the constant roller-coaster ride I go through with him, He goes through it too. Just from the inside out. He is very intelligent and a faith driven man who loves the Lord.. He cares for us deeply and wants us to learn everything we need to keep the world from destroying us. But there is no room for error. It's been three years now and as bad as the Bad Times are the Good Times are wonderful.

The next stage of the saga continues. I have been diagnosed with Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disorder and possible hyper thyroid disease. It will be a second round with the Thyroid thing- I was 26 the first time it developed.

It's taken me 4 months to see a specialist - have a bunch of blood work done and get any answers. Now that I have answers, I have more question than ever. Tired all the time, joint stiffness, back is killing me 5 to 6 days out of the week. AND God Help me if I try and do any exercise or work out. I wake up the next day feeling like I took a beating with a baseball bat.... UUUGGHH!

This is getting frustrating and I don't feel like I'm in control of my body any more. I've gained 13 lbs and can not get it off. Not soo bad for most people, but for someone who is under 5 feet tall- it might as well be 40 or 50 lbs....

But I am learning to take things a little slower. To appreciate what I can do. To spend a little more time resting, playing with my husband and tickling my 2 yr old grandson. I do have days of laughter and happiness. And that is a blessing from GOD. ; )
Thanks for stopping by.
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"In honor of my beautiful little girl Sara who lost her fight with life long Asthma in 2005. She was 8 years old and is resting in the loving arms of the Lord himself. I love you Sweet Pea."
"For my daughter, my adopted son and my husband. I love and believe in you all."
"For my self and my dad for arthritis and for a dear friend who suffers from advanced Huntington's Disease."
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a HugHave a very Happy Easter or Happy Passover to all our members. Whatever your faith or lack of faith, may you all have a spectacular weekend.

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04/17/2014 05:33 PM
a HugBlessing of Easter be with you, and may chocolate bunnies reproduce to. CLAP

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02/14/2014 09:08 AM
a HugHappy Valentines days. Celebrate Love, all kinds of it. HUGS CLAP

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To all, maybe my life can help yours. God Bless
To help others realize they are not alone and to share what little I have to offer. Thanks for stopping by.
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