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cwille"MDJunction means a lot to me, i have been to other sites where you would post a question or comment and never get an answer, not here, somebody will answer your comment or question and not make you feel stupid or think you made a ridiculous question, the people here even though they are not doctors are very knowlegdgable about thier conitions and that makes me very comfortable. From the beginning i have felt very secure in my comments knowing that i will recieve knowelegable and nice answers." (cwille)

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Occupation: unemployed
A little about me: I am a single parent with a 18 year old son and a little hobby farm in south central Missouri. We keep very busy with 40 acres, 1 cat, 2 dogs, 5 horses, and 8 fish!! Horseback riding is my greatest love but I also really enjoy singing in my church choir. I volunteer with a high school ministry called Student Venture which is great fun too. At least I did until I started having such terrible pain problems this summer. In Sept. 07 my family doctor said Fibromyalgia and a doctor of internal medicine confirmed it last month. So far, treatments have been mostly unaffective and my life has changed completely. I had to quit my job last week and I haven't been able to ride my horse for two months! But, I'm gonna be ok no matter what: I'm not a quitter and God is on my side so I have hope! (Dec 07)
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  "I have Fibro and my son has ADHD"
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broken gave me a Hug
05/06/2014 09:04 AM
a HugThe wealth is turning wonderful,remember to enjoy the sunshine it is healing:-)

Adewyn gave me a Hug
12/26/2013 05:42 AM
a HugI have been supper over the top Busy lately But I wanted to take a moment and Wish All my wonderful Fibro warriors a Very Merry Christmas and a Awesome 2014!
I love all of you! Thank you all for being you!

broken gave me a Hug
09/21/2013 06:09 PM
a HugI just wanted to send you a hug and let you know you were being thought of

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This is my first attempt at writing down a "diary" but I know it's time to start keeping track of some of this stuff. Especially since the "fog" has my memory blocked to about 5 minute intervals at times! Well, here goes nothin!
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