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neshama48"Having Crohn's Disease for over 26 years, in the first few years, it lonely and isolating.
Though now my disease is in a near perfect remission, my friends and family are sympathetic to me, but I can not talk to them about this disease. When I stumbled across MD Junction, and met others who had the same disease I was not alone in battling the disease. MD Junction is like a second family, without the judgement or guilt of having Crohn's Disease, but they do give you love and support.
" (neshama48)

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A little about me: I am a mom of two boys, a dog, and married for 21 years. I was diagnosed with depression 19 years ago. Then in 2009 was hospitalized and diagnosed with Bipolar 2. This year I have been to outpatient hospitalization twice. Hoping to get my life back together now that meds are working. I began cutting in 2009 as a 42 year old and have stopped, for now.
I am so glad I found this site!

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Nika8 gave me a Hug
03/05/2014 05:06 AM
a HugI hope you're feeling well today. Lots of hugs

fairyqueen gave me a Hug
02/20/2014 03:26 AM
a HugHi Everyone - I hope you are all still fighting those urges and if anybody is having difficulty please talk to us in the group. We are all here to help and support one another!
Love & best wishes,
Ava X

fairyqueen gave me a Hug
10/17/2013 04:28 AM
a HugGuys I'm sorry I haven't been online lately. I am still recovering from my surgery - I had a few complications and had to be readmitted to hospital but I'm at home now and slowly getting better! I'm thinking of you all and hoping that everyone is staying healthy and strong. The staff in the hospital never even mentioned my SI scars after all my worrying! I'll be back soon. (((HUGS)))

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