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julie411"The parents of addicts group has been the greatest help for me. When I first found out about my daughters herone addiction, I was crushed. I felt numb, helpless shocked and alone. I did not want to tell any one. I did not know what to do, or know how to handle it.
The parents and leaders of this group were life savers. They helped me every step of the way. The compassion, love and support is amazing. My daughter is now a recovering addict.I know even if this were to change, I have my support. I love this group so very much.
" (julie411)

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My Hugs
LinBC gave me a Hug
04/19/2014 05:37 PM
a HugJust a short note letting you know I'm thinking about you and hope you have a great spring.

Clarita gave me a Hug
04/08/2014 08:45 AM
a HugGroup Hug :-)
Hello, namaste!

Very warm welcome to all new members of FIbromyalgia & Me SG- make your good selves at home with us, okay.
Please check out the new posts.
Look forward to seeing new faces post, too ;-)- thanks.

Today celebrate 8 years of marriage with hubby Chris- going out for a meal later to a seaside restaurant nearby to us- v short drive away- looking forward to this. Pain 7/10- helped by sleeping well last night plus weather is dry today. Migraine free today, too!

Please everyone who is super challenged here hold on tightly! If you are too delicate to post then we all understand, right, or are too busy.
Yet, for all those who are able to post then please do so ;-)! The team is dynamic due to everyone that can join in joining in- try not to sit on the sidelines- the more variety the better ;-):-)!

Look forward to getting to know plus supporting new members here.
Awesome to see that today we have 308 members- woohoo!

So honoured to be a co GL here alongside Bekah and Fibroforever- it is a great privilege as well as a great joy!

Huge heartfelt thanks to Bekah & Fibroforever for being awesome GL's, too!

If you need any extra support then do not hesitate to lean on us GL's, okay, please do so!

Take excellent care of You each as well as of each other!

Sending warmest wishes to you each here plus super soothing fibro amity hugs, namaste Clarita :-)

JoSh11 gave me a Hug
03/28/2014 07:33 AM
a HugHey, Hi !
Group hug!

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